Community guidelines

Cuckoo Sandbox is an open source project and we appreciate any form of contribution. These guidelines are meant to help you and us to answer questions, solve issues, and merge code as soon as we can. So, it is great that you are reading these guidelines! We will try to keep this as short as possible.


These guidelines contain information on

  • What to include when creating issues for
    • Reporting bugs/errors/unexpected behavior
    • Feature suggestions/requests
  • Contributing code/documentation

We obviously want to fix, help with, and merge issues and contributions as fast as possible. To do this, we will likely ask some questions/post comments on your issue or pull request. We ask that you keep an eye on your issue/PR and try to answer questions we ask. Realise that it may take a while before we fix your issue or answer your question.

If after 60 days there is no progress in an issue or PR because of missing information, we may consider closing the issue. You are, of course, always welcome to re-open it in case additional information can be provided!

Creating issues

Issues.. Useful for many things. Bug/error/unexpected behavior reporting, asking questions, making suggestions/feature requests etc. When making any of these, it is very useful for us and you if you include the information listed here.

Reporting bugs, errors, and unexpected behavior

You notice a bug, see an error or behavior you did not expect and want to report it to us? That is great, thanks in advance! Before you report it, please see our FAQ. Common issues and their solutions are already mentioned here. You may also find a solution by searching existing issues.

You can also contact us using any of the methods mentioned at

Now, if you do create an issue, it is very useful if you do and include the following information if you can and if it applies:

  • Use a descriptive issue title
  • Try to reproduce your issue
    • How can we reproduce it?
  • What was the intended goal of your usage of Cuckoo Sandbox?
    • Submitting a task, waiting for a result, adding a module etc.
  • Any information on your environment?
    • Your Cuckoo Sandbox version
    • The operating system the Cuckoo host is running on
    • Parts of the configuration related to the error
    • If you customized code, can you tell us what was customized?
  • What happened?
    • Try to explain what happened in detail - this makes it possible for us to reproduce, confirm, and fix the issue.
    • For errors etc, please include the log with this error. Preferably with a link to an online paste service.
    • If you can, include a hash of the file being analyzed by Cuckoo.
  • What did you try to do so far?
    • If you tried to do anything to fix it, please include what you have tried so far.

Feature requests/suggestions

You have thought of or would like to see a new feature in Cuckoo Sandbox. Maybe you have a suggestion to change something? Great! We would love to hear about it.

When creating a feature request/suggestion, include the following if it applies:

  • A descriptive issue title
  • What is your suggestion?
    • What do you want to change/add?
  • What is the goal of this change/addition?
  • Do you have suggestions for the implementation?
    • For example: using a specific library/package

Asking questions

Have a question about Cuckoo Sandbox? Maybe it has already been asked. Please see our FAQ and documentation first.

Did not find your answer? Feel free to contact us using any of the methods mentioned here, or by creating an issue.

Code and documentation contributions

You want to contribute by writing code or documentation? That is great, all help is appreciated! It is very easy to get started:

  1. Fork our repository
  2. Take a look at our development documentation for guidelines and tips
  3. Make the changes that you want to contribute
  4. Create a pull request


It is very important for us to keep Cuckoo Sandbox operational. This is why we only merge a contribution after we know it was tested and does not break anything. To unit test Cuckoo, we use Pytest. All existing tests for Cuckoo are located in the tests/ folder.

It would be appreciated if you did add a test to your contribution. This way, the correct operation of your contribution can be tested in the future.

Pull requests

When creating a pull request, please include the following:

  • What did you create/change?
  • What is the goal of this addition/change?
  • Did you test your addition/change?