Cuckoo Feedback

New in version 2.0.0.

The Cuckoo Feedback form allows users to provide instant feedback to the Cuckoo Core Developer team. By doing so, our development team will be able to more quickly react upon errors, partially incorrect analysis results, errors occurred during an analysis or in the web interface, and anything else that our users think requires some extra attention. All in all, this optional feature gives those users that are interested in a second opinion the ability to do so in a convenient way for both the user as well as the team behind Cuckoo Sandbox.


As a user you are able to ping back to us through the Cuckoo Feedback from embedded in most pages of the web interface (e.g., an analysis page or a 404 page not found / 500 internal error page).

Following a screenshot of a part of the new (as of Cuckoo 2.0.0) analysis results page with the side bar locked in (i.e., permanently open).


At the bottom of the side bar you’ll see the Feedback button which will pop up the following feedback form. Naturally filling out all of the fields in this form will allow you to send us feedback (in a secure manner).

It should be noted that, may you decide to provide feedback on a regular, you can also fill out your name, company, and email address (where you’ll receive any answers) in the $CWD/conf/cuckoo.conf configuration file so those will be auto-filled for you upon opening the feedback form.