Configuration (Android Analysis)

Deprecated since version 2.0-rc2: Android Analysis may not work as expected due to the changes to becoming a Cuckoo Package. Proper Android integration will be picked up as a Cuckoo update in the future.

To get Cuckoo running Android analysis you should download the Android SDK and extract it in a folder Cuckoo can access. You should also configure avd.conf with the settings of your setup.


The main file for Android environment settings is $CWD/conf/avd.conf, it contains all the generic configuration used to launch the Android emulator and run the analysis.

The file is largely commented and self-explanatory, but some important options are as follows:

  • emulator_path:
    The path to the Android emulator (it is located inside Android SDK).
  • adb_path:
    The path to the Android Debug Bridge utility (it is located inside Android SDK).
  • avd_path:
    The path where the AVD images are located.