Development Notes

Git branches

Cuckoo Sandbox source code is available in our official Git repository.

Up until version 1.0 we used to coordinate all ongoing development in a dedicated “development” branch and we’ve been exclusively merging pull requests in such branch. Since version 1.1 we moved development to the traditional “master” branch and we make use of GitHub’s tags and release system to reference development milestones in time.

Release Versioning

At the moment we utilize three types of releases: * 1.2.3, an official release, preferably accompanied by a blogpost * 1.2.4a1, an alpha release that showcases functionality that will be present in the upcoming release *, a hotfix release, meant to fix critical issues, usually found in the latest official release

Ticketing system

To submit bug reports or feature requests, please use GitHub’s Issue tracking system.


To submit your patch just create a Pull Request from your GitHub fork. If you don’t now how to create a Pull Request take a look to GitHub help.